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This is who I am.


My name is Christy Ukata but my friends call me Chris for short and the audience know me a ChrisKata (short form of both my first and last name). I’m a Mom first, Christian then a Partner @Afropx / Content Creator / TV Producer & Presenter/ and oh an Actress too… who truly finds joy exploring style and creating beautiful content for all my followers. My website is a combination of my blog and vlogs which reflects who I’m when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I started my blogging in 2014 but had a love and hate relationship with it, thus having my own domain now. Its so challenging being a TV girl and having time to blog, but one thing I have realized along the journey is you can’t quit doing what is inside of you. I have always had great feedback doing what I do, and I hope it inspires someone as we go on this journey together. Thank a million and God bless you.

“I believe…I have lived enough to witness that, ” What doesn’t kill you, really just makes you stronger”.

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